The return policy of a product refers to the set of rules and guidelines that outline how customers can return a product and receive a refund or exchange if they are not satisfied with their purchase. The return policy can vary depending on the retailer or manufacturer and the type of product being sold.


Device Replacement Policy 
Customers can avail of the replacement facility subject to the following conditions:

  1. In case of a problem with the product (such as breakage, tear, wrong size, product not working, discrepancy in the image of the product, etc.), you can get a replacement.

  2. In such cases, the product must be in its original condition, including the box.

  3. You must email us at [email protected] or register a complaint at 01643-235533 within 48 hours of receiving the delivery.

  4. You must return the product to the Somikoron Soft office within a maximum of 7 working days at your own responsibility.

Note: Our complaint team will call you for any complaints related to products and services. We would like to keep your phone number active until your complaint is resolved. If the number provided by you is not active, please provide an alternative number. You must inform us of the medium of refund. We will provide any assistance within 15 working days, if necessary.